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Industries Served

CNC Machining
RV & Trailer Products
Material Suppliers
Marketing Companies
Screenprinting /Embroidery
IT/Computer Companies
Solar Energy
Construction Trades
Automotive Mech Repair  
Automotive Body Shops
Auto Detailing
Pet Boarding Services
Niche Equipment Rental
Online Businesses
Product Retailers
Sports Activity Businesses
Security Monitoring
Home Services
Property Management
Janitorial / Cleaning
Window Cleaners
Carpet Cleaners
And many more....

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Northern Indiana, inlcuding Fort Wayne, Auburn, Warsaw, Wabash, Peru, Crown Point, Valparaiso, Merrillville, Portage, and of course, South Bend, Mishawaka, and Granger.

Southwest Michigan, including St Joseph, Holland, Grand Rapids, Niles, Three Rivers, and Kalamazoo

Starting or owning your own business

For most of us, owning our own business is the American Dream.  We have an entrepreneurial "itch" that just wants to drive the bus.  But there are advantages and disadvantages.  Business ownership is not for everyone.  But for those who want to to control their own future, whether it be income, flexibility of schedule, or work/life balance, it may be the most rewarding time of your life. 

Some Advantages of Starting or Owning your own Business - 
You make the decisions. Your success or failure is based on you, not someone else.
You control your time. Some businesses dictate certain business hours, but others may allow you to be flexible in your location or schedule. You can put in as much or as little time as you want or need to be successful. Your success or failure is based on you, not someone else.
Your income, hopefully, can be the summation of the business success.
You create business value that you can later sell or pass down to your children.
Depending on the business model, you may be able to help other people grow and provide for themselves or their families as well. 
You control your own reputation and business image.
Some Disadvantages of Starting or Owning your own Business - 
If you're starting from scratch, you may not have a mentor or resource to ask questions of, or to help set up systems.  This is one of the main reasons people will buy a franchise, especially first-time business owners.  
You will want to be disciplined in your time.  Many business owners will put in long hours, often uncompensated, to get a new venture off the ground.  Make sure you own it and not let it own you.  
You'll need a certain level of cashflow to operate the business, to make payroll, rent, buy supplies, products, etc.  Many start-up businesses fail because they are under-capitalized.  As positive as it is to have influence on your personal income, owning a business comes with significant responsibility and often, overhead.  Unfortunately, the owner is the last to get paid.  Make sure you have enough capital to get to profitability.  
As much as there is an upside, there is also a possibility of failure, which could be catastrophic for your personal finances as well.  

Advantages of Buying an Established Business vs Starting a New Business from Scratch

The previous owner hopefully has already established systems in place and will act as a mentor, short term, to transition the business to the new owner.
Banks will loan money for the acquisition cost and working capital for an established business.  The approval is based on the credit worthiness of the buyer, their resume/experience, and the cashflow of the business itself. 
You bypass the negative cashflow start-up phase and go straight to positive cashflow, even after paying debt.  
Instead of introducing an additional business into the local market expanding the competition, you replace an existing business.  You may also be able to capture the best business location, or a larger facility, in the market as well. 
You don't have to create a new customer base from scratch because the previous owner already created an established customer base. 
You take the guesswork out of the performance of the business..  The revenue and cashflow can both be predicted based on historical values. 
Everything is in place.  Suppliers are known. Product types are chosen. Pricing is established. Less trial and error. 
You get key experienced trained employees to help you in the business. 
Bottom line, you should hit the ground running, making a profit from day 1 with much less risk.  Your odds of success are multiple times higher than a start-up business.